The Shepherd's Flock Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2007 and is located in central New Jersey.  We are a non-profit rescue group committed to restoring the dignity of homeless, neglected and abused animals by providing rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary services, including to animals with special life needs or of advanced age. We strive to provide life saving veterinary care whenever financially feasible.

The Shepherd's Flock is a no-kill organization. As part of our sanctuary services, we offer hospice and palliative care to very sick and elderly animals; making euthanasia available only when there is clear suffering during the end of life stage or following insurmountable injury and only at the recommendation of our veterinarian advisors.

Never lacking in energy or commitment, we are limited only by funding and space. Whenever possible, we are pleased to network and work with like-minded rescue organizations to more efficiently reach our goal for an individual animal or the greater cause of relieving suffering of all non-human creatures.

We do not lobby, but we do seek to bring awareness to the public of proposed animal related legislation and current events, which are often over looked by major news outfits, by sharing the information through social media. We have an active presence on Facebook and encourage you to “friend” us for regular updates on our activities and the progress of the animals in our care. Our posts tend to be short and to the point. We can be found on Facebook as “The Shepherd’s Flock Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.”

Foster homes and fundraising volunteers are always needed, as are sponsors for our resident animals. Sponsoring an animal is a superb way to make a real difference in the life of a needy animal, when you cannot otherwise open your home for safe haven. Sponsorship opportunities are advertised through Facebook and on Our adoptable animals are usually advertised at  So, whichever way you think you can help, grab your crook and become a shepherd.

 The Shepherd's Flock is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are directed to the care of our animals.